January 20, 2008

2005 in review

It has been interesting to go back an look at some of my older work. This is not a chronological listing of 2005 as I find that I cannot remember what I did when.
"Little River" 10 x 14" watercolour
Private Collection

"Little River Sketch I", 5 x 7" watercolour Private Collection

"Little River Sketch II", also 5 x 7" (I sometimes find naming these a chore , hence the boring names) "Iris ensata" 10 x 14"

Donated to Shoppers Drug Mart for their Tree of Life Campaign "Point Prim Light I" 10 x 14" watercolour
I did three of these, proving that even when I set out to do things differently, I still have a fairly consistent look. All three are in private collections.

"Nick with Grammy" 7 x 10" watercolour

"Poppy Seeds" 5 x 7 " watercolour

I have decided to keep this one. It was a pure pleasure to paint, one of those that just flowed off the brush almost of its own accord. It is on my business cards and other such materials.

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