June 30, 2008

Somehow I missed this one...

Waking, 7 x 15", watercolur, June 2008, 
I painted this one two weeks or more ago (on the same day as the very similar study) but failed to post it. This was my attempt to capture the foam, froth and waves thrown out behind this boat in its wake.

Strawberry Season

study I, 4 x 6", watercolour, June 2008, NFS

study II, 4 x 6 ", watercolour, June 2008, NFS

Red Boats (study) 4 x 10", June 2008, watercolour
Private Collection
Between the boats of the scallop fleet and the fresh strawberries, it has been an exercise in red here recently. I am now finishing up a larger version of the above small boat picture. Stay tuned for a peek at that soon.
Then I want to paint more strawberries. The season has just gotten started here and should run for a couple more weeks so I hope to get a still life done from life. The two above were just warm ups to get an idea of how to proceed. I am reasonably pleased with them for first attempts but see how I will try differently next time. At least I have had a chance to actually paint some from life. Last year I managed to photograph some strawberries but never got around to painting them.

June 18, 2008

Finally I have time to paint again

After weeks of running around doing other things and delivering paintings here and there I finally have some time to paint again. Here is what I have done lately:

Wake (study), 4 x 6", June 2008

Private Collection

Lady Slipper, 14 x 10", June 2008

Private Collection

These are pink ladyslippers, they are native to the Atlantic Provinces but they are very rarely seen around where I grew up in New Brunswick. I was delighted when I discovered some here. One does have to know where to look, though; maybe I just did not know where to look in NB. If you are lucky enough to see them in the wild, please leave them (or any other wildflower for that matter) undisturbed. Even picking the blossoms will remove seeds from the ecosystem and disrupt the natural patterns of the plant, leaving less plants in years to come.

June 4, 2008

Apple Blossom Art Show Awards

I entered 3 paintings in the Festival of Art which is part of the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival. This is an art show and sale which ran for two weeks at the Greenwood Mall in Greenwood, NS. The paintings were: Blueberry Field, 10 x 14", which won an honourable mention in the Landscape division,
Conflagration (Red Dahlia), 14 x 20", which won Judge's Choice and the third painting was the portrait that I did of my daughter Alice. Alice won both the second prize in Portaiture and the People's Choice award. (I have not posted the photo of Alice's portrait as Google reserves the right to reproduce and save indefinitely any images posted on this blog. If you are interested in seeing the painting contact me directly, please.)