June 30, 2008

Strawberry Season

study I, 4 x 6", watercolour, June 2008, NFS

study II, 4 x 6 ", watercolour, June 2008, NFS

Red Boats (study) 4 x 10", June 2008, watercolour
Private Collection
Between the boats of the scallop fleet and the fresh strawberries, it has been an exercise in red here recently. I am now finishing up a larger version of the above small boat picture. Stay tuned for a peek at that soon.
Then I want to paint more strawberries. The season has just gotten started here and should run for a couple more weeks so I hope to get a still life done from life. The two above were just warm ups to get an idea of how to proceed. I am reasonably pleased with them for first attempts but see how I will try differently next time. At least I have had a chance to actually paint some from life. Last year I managed to photograph some strawberries but never got around to painting them.

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