March 11, 2008

More Early 2007 Paintings

As I have had difficulty loading all my paintings from last year into the post below I shall try to add them here and in future posts.
Red, Red Rose, 16 x 20", April 2007
Glads, 6.5 x 10", Mar 2007
Private Collection

Pink Tiger Lily, 7 x 10 " Mar 2007

Cherry Blossoms, 10 x 14 ", March 2007

As you can see from here, Little River featured heavily in the work I did early last year. I had been commissioned to do a scene of the harbour there, and in the course of my research I came across several views that I wanted to paint. By the time I had finished the larger Low Tide painting I had started to repeat myself, which has taught me a valuable lesson about how far I can explore an image before getting bored of it.

Low Tide at Little River, 14 x 21", Feb 2007

Low Tide sketch III, 7 x 10" Feb 2007

Private Collection

Low Tide Sketch II, 7 x 10" Feb 2007

Private Collection

Low Tide Sketch I, 5 x 7", Feb 2007

Holly I, 10 x 14" , Jan 2007

I did two paintings of this this holly branch; I used the second one for my Christmas Cards this year. The two of them are really quite similar, so I shall only show one here.

Little River NS, 20 x 30" Jan 2007

Commissioned work, Private Collection

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