March 16, 2008

Paint the Town, Annapolis Royal Aug 2007

Day One
It rained. It rained and rained. Then the wind blew and then it rained some more. I spent the morning painting under a pavilion just outside of Annapolis. The view overlooked the Annapolis River. I got cold and my feet got wet but I did manage to produce 4 paintings. The rain spatter created some interesting effects on some of them if you look closely.

Untitled, 5 x 6" , Private Collection

Rainwashed I, 7 x 10"

Pink Trumpet, 5 x7", Private Collection

Rainwashed II, 10 x 14", Private Collection

At Lunchtime I took a break to thaw out, buy some dry socks and eat a delicious bowl of sweet potato chowder from the Pony Expresso Cafe. Thus fortified I ventured out once more into the inclement weather to paint. I ended up painting in the back of our van, while parked on the town wharf. I had an unresticted view up and down the river. At this point even though it was still gusty and wet I could see some blue sky peeking through. The clouds were actually quite marvelous. So that was what I painted.

Annapolis Basin, 7 x 10", Private Collection

Storm Clouds, 10 x 14", Private Collection

Clearing 10 x 30", Private Collection

Day Two

Saturday presented much nicer weather. I managed two paintings in the morning, then got tired in the afternoon and produced a bunch of not too much. However, I finished with what I think is the best painting of the day, the view of St Luke's bell tower.

Puddles in the Road, 7 x 10"

Marsh in the Morning, 8 x 14"

Waves I and II, approx 6 x 8" each

I am not pleased with the wave pictures but here they are to show that I cannot always paint what I try to.

St Luke's Church, 14 x 10"

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