March 25, 2008

St Andrews Artists by the Sea 2007

Artists by the Sea is a fundraiser for Charlotte County Hospice, which provides in home care to people who need it in Charlotte County NB. Artists come and paint scenes in and around St Andrews and the paintings are offered up for sale by silent auction during the two days of the event. The next Artists by the Sea will be held on July 11 & 12, 2008. Day 1, Friday July 13, 2007
Wharf in the Fog, 5 x 7", Private Collection
This one is much less blue in real life. The photo was taken in the shade and I find I cannot adjust for the blue that reflected from the sky and the water around me.

After the Fog, 5 x 7", Private Collection

Please excuse the finger tip in the photo. It was quite breezy and my painting kept trying to flutter away.

St Andrews Wharf, 10 x 14", Private Collection

253 Queen St, 10 x 14", Private Collection

Three Views, One Boat, 10 x 14 " Private Collection

Day 2, Saturday July 14, 2007

I spent the first part of the morning painting at Indian Point. I completed 2 small works and one larger one. Being caught up in the artistic moment, I failed to photograph them before taking them to the legion hall where the auction was being held. The works practically sold as soon as I entered the hall and consequently there is nothing to show of what they look like. If you are reading this and have bought one of the following, I would be grateful if you emailed me a photo to the address in the blue toolbar at the top of my blog. The paintings were called: Boats Going By, Indian Point I and Indian Point II.

Ralph Welch's Dory, 5 x 7", Private Collection

30 Year Old Dory, 5 x 7", Private Collection

I did these two dory pictures around noon time and alternated between the 2 views of the boat as it swung around its anchor. Then the owner arrived with his motor. We chatted a bit and I chastised him gently for taking away our muse (my sister was painting with me too) That did not stop him from putting out to sea. Sadly he did not raise sail until he was out of our line of sight. I would have enjoyed watching that and had had hopes of getting some reference material for future works. It was a beautiful little boat, and had obviously been well cared for, judging by the sparkling white paint on its interior.

In the afternoon we moved to a different location and all I produced was a truly terrible painting which I have already used for scrap paper, so I shall not show it here. Other than that one painting, though, I was very pleased with what I had managed to create.

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