July 20, 2008

Artists by the Sea, St. Andrews NB, 2008

Artists by the sea is a fundraiser for the Charlotte County Hospice. Artists paint around beautiful St. Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick and the paintings are available by silent auction on both days of the event. This year proved again to be successful, both for the Hospice (raising more than $10,000) and for me. I think that I painted better than I have done at previous similar events. This is supported by the fact that of all the paintings I made, I only got to bring one of them home. All paintings below are watercolour and now in private collections unless otherwise noted.
Day One (July 11, 2008)
From the Golf Course 10x 14"
Marina 7x15" Pottery Creek, 10 x 14", collection the artist
Pottery Creek II, 10 x 7"
"Working" 7 x 10" Tobermorry, 10 x 10"
Water St. 10 x 14"
Day Two (July 12, 2008)

Marina II, 7 x 10"

Tobermorry II, 5 x 15"

Tobermorry III, 5 x 15"

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely collection of paintings! They're all great. :)

    Maybe next year I'll try my hand with watercolour plein air painting!

    I had lots of fun at the event!