August 10, 2008

Digby Scallop Days

Scallop Days is the summer festival in Digby, centering around our seafood and resource based industries (there is a chainsaw contest as well as scallop shucking) For the last 3 years artists have been made welcome to the event; albeit this year unofficially. I spent today painting along the waterfront in Digby where there is a fantastic view of the wharf and it's many fishing boats. The weather today was either a painter's dream or nightmare, depending on how fast one works. It was dull and overcast when I arrived in the morning but after a couple of hours it cleared to bright sunshine. Then some fog rolled in just across part of the water, which highlit the wharf and the boats beautifully against the dusky blue fog. For now all I have for you to see is one of the paintings that I did this morning. This is the one that drew the most comments from the people who stopped to watch me paint. The colours did not turn out the best on the rest of them so I will re-photograph them tomorrow. I will post them soon after that I hope.
Dull Morning, 7 x 10", watercolour, today
Private Collection
I can hear the fireworks marking the end of the festival right now; it sounds like quite a show...

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