October 28, 2008

Annapolis River, various views

The Annapolis River is the heart of the Annapolis Valley, which stretches the length of Southwest Nova Scotia. It is the force which carved out the splendid harbour around which Digby scallop fishery grew. I ventured inland away from the boats and seascapes that I usually paint and came up with these paintings. The first two (from Bridgetown) are probably an instantly recognisable view for anyone who has every driven from Digby toward Halifax as there is a splendid panorama from the bridge there.
Annapolis River at Bridgetown, 10 x 14", Oct 2008
View from the Bridge (Annapolis River), 10 x 14", Oct 2008
Sunset in Annapolis Royal, 5 x 7", Oct 2008
Encroaching Fog, Annapolis Basin, 5 x 7", Oct 2008

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