January 5, 2009

Last Paintings of 2008

Here are the last 3 paintings of 2008. I recorded 113 paintings created in the last year. ( I keep notes of my paintings as I go along) Not all of them made it to this blog or to public display. Some ideas just do not make it to completion or maybe sometimes I am not up to the task set by my imagination. None the less, I think that I ended the year on a good note, as seen by the painting below.
Winter Woods, 7 x 10", watercolour, painted on Dec 30 2008, $185
On Boxing Day Robert and the kids and I went skating on a frozen puddle in the woods further up the road from our home. On the way there the colours of the sunshine coming through the trees caught my eye and I made time to get some pictures. I really over dramatized the colours that I saw, and the above picture is the result. I hope to work more with this view again, maybe this time being a bit more true to life, but again, perhaps not.

Nick on the Beach, 14 x 10", watercolour, Dec 2008

This was to be a Christmas present for Robert but I did not complete it in time. It is more overworked than I would have liked. I want to do more portrait work this year, and focus on getting the skin tones right early in the painting without having to keep adjusting them as the painting goes along.

This is a detail of the above painting. The shape of Nick's eyes is quite challenging. I do not think that I got them right, but am tired of struggling with this one.
Kids at the Beach, 10 x 14", waterolour, Dec 2008, NFS

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