January 22, 2009

A Road in the Woods

This is a larger view of the woods road that I sketched in the last days of 2008. I am still working on it. The lefthand foreground needs to be developed further, as do the lefthand trees. I quite like the area of misty dead conifers in the upper left corner, but fear that my attatchment with this part of the painting is making it hard for me to see that it detracts from the image as a whole. My plan is to add more trees over the area that I am so fond of and leave just hints of it peaking through. Just enough so that I know that it is there.
I started with the intention to do this as a long horizontal format, but also wanted to give myself some flexibility. I have done a full sheet painting as you see above. It is 22 x 30". If I am not pleased with the trees I put in the upper left I shall go back to my original idea which is the crop below.
If I am pleased enough with the full painting I shall not crop it at all.
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