March 6, 2009

Spring in my thoughts

It would seem that I am now wishing for spring, because here I am painting spring flowers. There is an exhibit coming up in Annapolis Royal at ARCAC celebrating the Magnolia. I am taking part. I will be sending in the larger of these two and the close-up of a magnolia blossom that I painted in January of this year. The show begins April 18th and ends May 10th. Opening Reception is April 19 from 2-4 pm (Saturday).
Magnolia Branch II, 10 x 14", watercolour, 2009, $250
Magnolia Branch, 20 x 30", watercolour, 2009, Private Collection
I started the larger of these two and then wanted to experiment more with the background. The second version is where I did my experimentation. Though the two look very different, I am reasonably pleased with both of them. If you have a favourite version I would like to hear about it.


  1. they're beautiful!

    can't beat the darker backgrounds for striking contrasts!

  2. I would have to say that I like them both, but the bottom one is my favorite. :o)

  3. i cant decide which is my favourite , the top one is beautiful and this is the one I saw first and thought -wow, I am attempting a very similar painting for a challenge on an art website and cant decide what colours to use for the background. I think at a push I like the second better but it's a hard call