May 24, 2009

Chamcook Harbour Series

Here is a short series of paintings based on the coastline where I grew up.  They are all watercolour.  These are quick little sketches, intended to give me practice in capturing different lighting and weather conditions.  Practice for Hospice by the Sea (St Andrews) and Paint the Town (Annapolos Royal).
Chamcook Harbour I, 7 x 10", May 2009 
Chamcook Harbour II (skyline) , 7 x 10", May 2009
Chamcook Harbour III (Minister's Island) , 10 x 14", May 2009
Chamcook Harbour IV (Sailboats) , 7 x 10", May 2009
You will see that numbers one and four are the same view.  I found the near tree in number one very bright, not in keeping with the foggy conditions that I was trying to portray.   I decided to do it over with a darkened foreground. 
I would still like to take another stab at the sillouette of the trees against the sky that I showed above in number two.  I will post it when I get the chance to do it.

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