August 5, 2009

Campobello Light

East Quoddy Light, 10 x 14", watercolour, Aug - Oct 2009 Private Collection
Campobello Light, 14 x 10", watercolour, August 2009, $395
These are a pair of paintings that I started this August after a day trip to, you guessed it... Campobello Island. I would like to get there someday with my painting kit. Not only is the lighthouse very attractive, but the rocks and land shapes are fanstatic and the water is so clear! This lighthouse is at the very tip of one end of the island. From there one can look out toward Grand Manan, another scenic hot spot. The East Quoddy light house stands on its own little island, and the only way to access it is at low tide. There is a series of ladders leading from the main island to another one and then from there to the light house's island. The ladders are steep and narrow and I do not like heights. None the less, we made the scary climb down rusty ladders and over what the tourism guide euphemistically calls a "sand bar" to get to the lighthouse. I took several pictures of the whole light station from the landward side and then walked around the lighthouse. There is a cement pad projecting out over the rocks where there once must have been another building. When I turned back to look at the light house there was an immense black cloud behind it. The sun was still shining brightly onto the light house itself and I was able to get some dramatic photos, from whence came these paintings.

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