August 22, 2009

Paint the Town 2009

Work on the motorcycle painting is on hold for the moment while I take part in some out door painting events. 
Here are the paintings that I did today (Saturday) at Paint the Town in Annapolis Royal NS.  
I had planned to paint tomorrow as well but there is this little disturbance brewing offour south east coast called Hurricane Bill which has forced a change of plans.   
These paintings are available for silent auction at the Legion in Annapolis Royal tomorrow, unless they sold today.  If you are near the area, go check it out!
Sparkle, 7 x 10", my favourite from today!
(all are watercolour)
There is more than one way to paint a boat!, 10 x 7"
Private Collection
Scallop Boat, 10 x 14"
Private Collection
Juxtaposition, 10 x 14"
Private Collection
Is it Clearing?, 7 x 10"
Private Collection
Gone Fishin', 7 x 10
Private Collection
Fog on the basin, 7 x 10"
Private Collection


  1. Just framned this for my niece Sarah Lefurgey. Bought it at Paint The Town. Didn't know you knew her.Love it. Marcia Sanford

  2. I have one of the above paintings and enjoy it daily. It reminds me of a day well spent in Annapolis Royal and the excitment of an art auction. Hope to do it again.

  3. I am glad that you are enjoying my painting. If you are in Annapolis this year for Paint the Town, I would be glad to meet you!

    It is always a pleasure to hear from a happy collector of my paintings. I can now be reached directly through, just follow the contact the artist link.

    Many Thanks,