August 11, 2009

Triumph Bonneville T100, a work in progress

Here is my drawing.  This is for the painting that I am donating to the Digby Elementary School for raffle.  The proceeds will go to the Home and School who are planning to build a new playground for the school over the next five years.  We will be selling the tickets during the Wharf Rat Rally.  The size of the paper that I am painting on is 22 x 30" so this will be a large painting.  
This picture looks odd because I photographed it in poor light and had to fuss with it digitally to make it visible.  
Here is it as it stands this morning.  I have started laying in colours.  I try to keep all areas of the painting moving along at about the same rate.  So I will try to get most of the paper covered before I start going back over already painted parts to add detail.  Follow along to see how successful I am with this goal.  


  1. This is quite an undertaking! I really like the headlight!

  2. Thanks Vicki! Yes, it certainly has turned into a project. I havenever attempted something so large and so detailed but so far I am having fun with it.