August 16, 2009

Triumph Bonneville T100, a work in progress

Here the painting is now that I have started to add darker colours.  
Up until this point I was using only 3 tubes of paint: cobalt blue, hansa yellow medium and quidacrinone coral (red).  With these three, however, it is not possible to create rich dark tones.  I never use black paint because I find it makes things look muddy too quickly.  To make the black above I used ultramarine blue and burnt sienna (a brown).  Mixed together these make a nice deep black and thin out to some really neat greys.  (Artists get excited about greys, go figure!)
As well as painting in the black reflective bits I am also working on the details of the engine and darkening the reflections on the chrome.  Who knew that chrome could be such fun to paint?
One can see that I have put the shadow in behind the bike.  Now that I have done so I can work on the background showing through the spokes of the front wheel.  I was holding off from doing so until I knew exactly what the ground behind was going to look like.  Much easier to match the small areas to the larger area than the other way around.  
Come back again soon, as I hope to get more work done on this tonight.  Please feel welcome to leave a comment as well.

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