January 6, 2010

Small works (one now on ebay)

Sailboat Racing, 5 x 7", watercolour, 2009
I am trying something new by launching an ebay auction for this painting (pictured above) The auction is open until Sunday evening, Jan 9th. If you are interested, I suggest you go and check it out here. This is the only one of my little paintings on ebay right now. I hope to add to it as I go along. I encourage you to keep watching. Here is another one of several little paintings I have been making as part of my internet selling experiment:
Blueberry Picking, 5 x 7", watercolour
The ground here looks very pink. If you are not familiar with the habits of the low growing wild blueberry you might not know that the foliage of the bushes really does turn this incredible crimson colour in the fall. Now, I have taken a bit of artistic license in this picture. The foliage usually turns after the berries are picked, but that is one of the joys of being an artist; I get to change things!

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