February 1, 2010

Lots of snow

"Snow Trail" watercolour, 5 x 7", Jan 2010
SOLD by auction on ebay.ca
We have had a LOT of snow lately and so I am, surprise, painting pictures of our snowy landscape. The track in the above painting runs along a brook which runs near our home. The track and the brook give me all sorts of painting opportunities. This one came from a morning after a fluffy snowfall, when the bright sun made for very nice shadows reaching across the fresh powdery snow in front of me. Keep watching for more snow and winter woodland paintings soon. Maple sugar season will start within a month or so and I would really like to make some pictures showing the process. Doing some of these "fast and loose" paintings will help me to get ready.
Here is a another little painting from my "trying not to fuss" series. I am really pleased with the way this one turned out. From now on I will try to post paintings on here before they go live in an auction. This one got away very quickly, though.
Stormy Sailboat, 7 x 5", watercolor, Jan 2010
SOLD on ebay.ca

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