February 5, 2010

sailboats again

I have been away for a couple of days, so today is a good time to share with you some older paintings, both from last year. These will be listed on ebay this Sunday (Feb 7) I will add links at that time.
Sparkle, an Abstract Seascape, 6.5" x 11", watercolour, August 2009
You may recognise this one from Paint the Town this summer. Even though no one bought it then, I still love the loose texture of the paint on the paper. To me it looks like the light sparkling or shimmering off the water on an overcast day, caught just when the sun in breakng through the clouds far out over the water.
"Quiet" 5 x 7", watercolour, December 2009
SOLD on ebay.ca
With this one I recycled a drawing that I had done earlier in the year and did another version of the same image. It is good practice for me to work on perfecting how I apply the paint in smooth washes. That is what gives this painting it's quiet, soothing mood.

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