February 23, 2010

White Iris, a close inspection

"White Iris, Imortality" 7 x 10", watercolour
This is one that I am very pleased with. It took me a long time to decide on a layout of the drawing. I wanted something that allowed the fall of the light on the petals to show the shape of the blossom. I stayed very loose in the background because I did not want to detract from the flower itself, but I did want to show the iris leaves. Without leaves, there are no flowers, after all. I think that the soft verticals of the background foliage offers a nice balance to the billowing crinkled translucent petals.
I will not be offering this painting on ebay, but rather in one of the galleries that show my work. If you are interested in this or any of my paintings shown here, please contact me via this link:
Stay tuned for the next iris painting, which will be a full sheet, 20 x 30 inches. I have started the drawing today.

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