March 5, 2010

Campobello Lighthouse

East Quoddy Lighthouse, 5 x 7 inches, watercolour
Here is another marine landscape, a small lighthouse painting that I have done recently. I am working with variations of composition. It is a good learning excercise which will make me a better painter. I have written about this lighthouse before, but it really is beautiful in its setting against the waters of the Bay of Fundy.
This past week has gone by so quickly. I have been working on a new large floral watercolor painting of an iris (two irises really). It is going fairly well, so I shall post it as a work in progress.
I did a full size pencil drawing on white paper and transfered it to my watercolour paper, using a large window as my light box. After I stretched and mounted the paper on a board I put a light wash on the areas that I wanted to have a tough of color. Before the paper dried completely, I painted in the background. I had to make sure that the paper was dry enough that the paint would not move more than I wanted it to, but would move enough to give some softness to certain of the edges.
Here it is at that stage: (I apologize that the photo is poor, you can click on the photo for a larger image, which may allow you to see past the blurriness) The thing about a work in progress is that sometimes by the time I realize that my photo is no good, it is too late and the painting has gone on further.

White Iris Pair, "under construction"

I am pleased with the softness of the rear petal on the lower right. It is fading away into the background, which I feel gives it more of a 3D feel. I realize now that you can also see my sleeve in the lower center margin. OOPS! Stay tuned for more as this flower painting takes shape.

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