April 14, 2010

Waves, Waves and more Waves

Waves Crashing, 7 x 10", watercolour, April 2010
Surf in Fog, watercolour, 7 x 10", March 2010
Wave study, watercolor, 7 x 10", March 2010
We had some ferocious winds in March. A popular spot around here for surf watching is at the end of Lighthouse Road. I drove out there in the storm to see what I could see. The wind was fantastic and as I have never been out there in such weather, I had never seen such waves! I took lots of photos but it sure was not painting weather! My hat blew off and away, and I had to brace myself so that I did not follow it. I did take lots of photos, though, and the pictures gave me the chance to start practicing wave paintings, as you can see above.
Since these, I have spent some time painting waves plein air. I was on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia, just outside of Herring Cove, outside of Halifax. Painting surf from life is a frustrating activity, let me tell you! No wave ever looks like the one that came before it. I think that I shall have to do more studies from photos before I am able to paint a convincing wave from life. Though it was a great exercise to paint what I saw. I got lots of chances to experiment with getting the colour of the water and to really study the surf as it came in over the rocks before me. Hopefully I shall get a chance to show you the results of that trip soon.

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