June 20, 2010

Paintings ready for exhibit

Reversing Falls Bridge, Tide going Out, 10 x 14", watercolour,
yesterday and today
Here is the one that I almost finished yesterday, but stopped early to meet up on time with the other painters. I went back to the Reversing Falls Bridge Look off and finished up. Then I decided to do another painting. The weather was foggy and the mood was quite different from yesterday. Today I arrived before the tide got down to the level of the falls so it was very quiet and the water was calm. Yesterday had been sunny and the water was rushing out of the river quite noisily as I arrived. I was an hour earlier arriving today and the tide is always an hour later each day so there was a significant difference in the water level. . As I arrived at the bridge a cluster of cormorants came flying out through the space underneath it. They would have been marvelous to capture in a painting to give a sense of the space, but I shall save that for another painting. There were many cormorants fishing all the time that I was there and I even saw one eating a fish it had just caught! . That is part of the joy and the challenge of painting out of doors. There are so many things to paint! Happily, I always carry my camera so I can capture for later most of what caught my eye. But I missed the cormorant with the fish in it's beak. . Here is today's bridge painting:
Bridges in Fog, 10 x 14", watercolour, today
Again, Ihave to apologize for the poor presentation of my photos. I shall have to clean them up when I get a chance on the right computer.
After the cool dampness of the riverside, I felt like coffee to warm me up so I went to downtown Saint John only to discover that the Old City Market was closed. No coffee without walking further! Rats! So I walked and found the Magnolia Café, which looked interesting; it was also closed. But it was in a beautiful location so I did a painting instead. This is a view along Prince William Street, looking toward King St and Market Square.
The Old and the New, 10 x 7", watercolour, today
The title of this one refers to the brick buildings in the foreground with the modern office tower in behind them. Saint John has some beautiful old architecture (if you like old brick buildings, which I do) The ones that I find really neat are the ones where you can see different layers of bricks and stone work and can see where changes have been made and new structures built on older ones. Each of these buildings in the painting have their own unique patterns and brickwork and I did not do them justice. Next time.
So, now I have enough paintings for the exhibit, which is a good thing as they are to be turned in 9 am sharp tomorrow morning. If you wish to see them, they will be on display from June 23 to September 4 at the Saint John Arts Center. The opening of the exhibit is this coming Friday, June 25 at 5:30 pm. If you are in the area, come meet myself and the other artists.
And now for something new, a picture of me, painting. Here I am on the trail looking out to the Reversing Falls Bridge.

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