August 10, 2010

(Making Hay) While the Sun Shines

While the Sun Shines, 14 x 21", watercolour, August 2010

Here is the culmination of my sketches of the hayfield.  I have had a lot of fun painting this one.  It shows the same people as the sketch, though they have moved a bit as they continue to carry the bales about.  I tried hard to think about design and come up with something that lets the viewers' eyes move about the painting in a pleasing manner.  (Though, now that it is done, I see some things that I might do differently in another painting. I would love to do more hay paintings soon, but there are other subjects demanding my attention, too)

I am interested in hearing what you, the viewer, thinks about the design of this one. Do your eyes follow a path into the painting and take this path through the field, finding interesting things as you go?  Or did my effort to simplify make it too spare in things to keep your attention.  I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Wouh, it's alive. Theses guys look so afoot, and the grass is shining on the sun -- amazing

  2. Chita, Thanks, glad to hear that you like it. Evening sunlight is such a pleasure to paint.