August 4, 2010

Yet another hayfield, this one with people

Hayfield sketch V, 5 x 7", watercolour, July 2010

This one shows the hay being gathered on a warm summer afternoon, reaching almost into the evening hours.  The way we do it is with a trailer pulled behind the tractor.  Simon drove the tractor, Owen was on the trailer, loading and stacking the bales as they are carried to the trailer from where they lay in the field.   Dad, Robert and Ursina walked up, down and across the field alongside the trailer, bringing the bales in to be loaded.  It is hot, dusty and SCRATCHY work, but usually well rewarded between loads by slices of watermelon. 

Those of you who were there that day know who's who in the picture, but for those who weren't, these people are family and dear friends. 

I am waiting for time in the studio and good photographing weather so that I can bring you a picture of the larger one that I am working on.  Covering co-workers summer vacations at my day job means temporarily less time for painting.   That is the price we pay for our own vacation, so I cannot complain too much!

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