September 2, 2010

Paint the Town Volunteers Rock!

Here is the second to last painting from Paint the Town.  I am saving the last one for tomorrow's post, when I can talk about the impending hurricane Earle or lack thereof...  (we should be so lucky!)

                                    Go Fly a Kite, watercolour, 7 x 10", watercolour

This one actually acquired a bid as it was being picked up by a friendly Paint the Town volunteer.  These wonderful people walk or ride their bikes around town, transporting fresh paintings in pizza boxes.  They converge on the Legion where they deliver the brand new works of art into the hands of yet more volunteers who hang the paintings and prepare them for bidding. 

This event could not happen without these volunteers.  They put a fabulous effort into making this event a success.  I find it humbling that a town of 500 people can pull together over 100 volunteers to make this event so remarkable.  Hats off to the people of Annapolis Royal!!

(Oh, about the painting...  this shows the waterfront boardwalk of Annapolis Royal.  There were lots of people walking along the board walk that day, including one child with a kite.  I thought that such a nice day needed more kites, so I added some!)

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