October 8, 2010

Red rowboat sketches II

Red Rowboat I, 10 x 7", watercolour

After having made some thumbnail sketches, I started working in colour.  I did three 7 x 10" paintings, each showing a different view of the painting. The above painting I did three times before I got it right.  You will not see the first three here as they were not satisfactory.   

This one is not what my client had ordered but I had been fascinated by the reflections of the boat in the water and the play of light on it's side.  You can click the title of this painting and the one below to view them on my online studio website, http://www.poppybalser.com/ .

I was pleased with how the trees reflect in the water around the boat in this one. 

I showed the three above to my client and she chose the last of the three, but asked if I could not include some sky in the picture as well.  So back to the drawing board and some more sketches for her to review.  You will see them soon.

In the meantime I did this larger painting to satisfy my own esthetic.  Obviously, it is based on the third of the smaller sketches.  I wanted to expand on that theme, seeing how it looked in a larger view.  This was valuable preparation for when I created the final peice.

Rowboat in the Raquette, 14 x 21", watercolour

This painting represents a step forward in my ability to paint rocks.  I have struggled with painting rocky beaches for years, never being quite satisfied with what I managed to portray.  Finally, though, I feel that the beach in this one turned out well. 

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