December 1, 2010

Moving to a new blog

Greetings all of you.

 I have mentioned my new blog before but now I realize that I cannot keep posting regularly on two blogs.

I do not want to lose my blogger readers so I encourage you all to move on over to my new blog which can be found at   I will be posting the same sort of content but it will be much simpler for me as it will be linked in with my website (

I will occaisionally still post here as well but am finding it too much to maintain both of them well. 

For now I shall leave you with a teaser... 

This painting is a copy of a portrait by J.S. Sargent whose work I admire greatly.  I set out to copy his painting to learn more about how he depicts his subjects...

To read more about how I made the copy and to see a photo of the Sargent original, please visit my new blog here.

Thanks for following along here, I am glad that you found me and hope that you continue to enjoy what I have to say in my new virtual digs.

(You can always keep up to date on what I am up to by subscribing to my Paintings by Poppy newsletter, too)

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