April 28, 2008

April Paintings

One would think that I have been in a blue kind of mood. Most of what I have done lately has been predominantly blue. Must be that I am eagerly awaiting the green of spring and have had enough browns and greys.
Scallop Boat Portrait, 7 x 5", watercolour 
This was a sketch for a larger work which did not turn out. I was experimenting with watercolour canvas which is quite different to work on than paper. I think that I shall stick with paper for now, even though it too has it's problems.
White Boat, 6 x 4", watercolour, Private Collection
Soaring, 6 x 4 ", watercolour
Bear Island, again, 4 x 6", watercolour, a study for a larger work
Private Collection
Fleet, 6 x 15", watercolour, Private Collection

White Violets, 6 x 4", watercolour, Private Collection

Storm over Cornwallis, 14 x 21, watercolour,
Private Collection

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