April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and so I wish you all the best for today and all days. Here are my Earth Day wishes. I had a whole list of small wishes, but to spare you those I realized it all boiled down to two big wishes: I wish every person was aware of Earth day and that every day was Earth Day, where we consider the health and safety of the planet in all of our actions. I wish that every person on earth could enjoy a equitable, safe, sustainable and comfortable lifestyle, erasing the incredibly vast difference in living standards between ours and that of the developing world. It is truly not fair that we live the way we do when there are so many people who do not have even the very basic necessities of life. I wish we could level things without conflict, that we in the developed world could learn to give up the things we have become accustomed to that are unnecessary, but do so without a sense of hardship. I have some hope that someday the first wish might come true, but probably not in time to prevent vast environmental change. I have basically no hope of the second wish coming true but I ask all of you to be concious of the planet today and everyday that you can.

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