May 12, 2010

Variations on a Lighthouse

NS Lighthouse sketch, 5 x 7" watercolour, May 2010
Halifax Lighthouse I sketch, 5 x 7, watercolour, May 2010
Halifax Lighthouse II sketch, 5 x 7", watercolour, May 2010
On a recent trip to Halifax I walked along the boardwalk that runs from the new Farmer's Market (under construction) to the Ferry Terminal. This is a great walk for exploring the city, as you can see the city on one side and the busy harbour other. Halifax is and always has been a seaport city. Looking out from the boardwalk toward the Atlantic Ocean you see George's Island, with the lighthouse I have protrayed above. George's Island was a naval base protecting the harbour from the city's earliest days up until after the Second World War. It is now maintained by Parks Canada, though not open to the public.
(Please forgive the lack of formatting of the pictures above)

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