June 17, 2010

Red Boats Visiting Digby

Red Boats Visiting Digby, 14 x 21", watercolour
June 2010
Now Available at Bluefin in Digby
The title of this painting is in response to the gentleman who was viewing cards made of my first red boats painting. He stated, "those aren't Digby boats" Perhaps he thought that I was taking some artistic lisence. However, the thing about boats, is that they float, and move around. For whatever reason, those boats came up to the Digby wharf in December of 2007. They belong to the fleet of Mr Kenney who operates from the wharves of Westport on Brier Island. Regardless of where they came from, the line of the bright red boats against the dull colours of a December day caught my eye. I have painted these boats before but this painting is composed a little bit differently.
Another viewer had commented on the last painting that it bothered him that he could not see the top of the wharf. So I painted the one above to see how I liked it with sight of the sky above the wharf. Here is the older painting...
Red Boats, watercolour, 9 x 30", 2008
Private Collection
Visually I find the top of the wharf distracting. Maybe it is the fish shack in the extreme upper right that bothers me. I think I should have left it out or moved it closer to the center. I could have added more vehicles to balance it, but I did not want to fuss. I shall just learn what I can from this one and move on.
So what do you think about the two paintings? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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