August 19, 2010

Blackberries, Green Beans, Tomatoes and WEEDS!

I am on vacation from my day job this week.  Thus I have been busy trying to "get things done" in the garden and spend some time doing fun local things with the kids, like a trip to Mavillette Beach and to the theme park.  Today was a garden day, with the pulling of many many weeds.  Weeding garden paths seems more pointless than weeding the actual garden beds, but it all looks so much better when there are not 3 foot high weeds growing up through everything.  I am still paying the price for 3 weeks away in July.  It takes forever to get caught up.  However, I was very pleased to pick about 10 pounds of pole beans, and the first big picking of tomatoes and, best of all, blackberries!  Yum!

 Because of all the outside activity I have not had any time to paint in this last week.  Thus the urge to paint is rapidly turning into a burning NEED to paint. I hope to get into the studio tonight after the kids are in bed...

I will have lots of chances to paint this weekend at Paint the Town in Annapolis Royal.  Click here to read more about this annual plein air painting event that is the main fundraiser for our local arts council.  If you can come to the event you will have the chance to see over 70 artists making spontaneous art in and around the town of Annapolis Royal, which is a lovely place to make art.  Paintings are sold Saturday and Sunday by silent auction at the Annapolis Legion.  This is a great chance to get fresh works of art and yet spend much less than you would in a gallery.

In the meantime, here is a painting that I did this spring based on a scene I observed in Annapolis at Paint the Town two years ago.  This painting was hanging at the Flight of Fancy in Bear River but sold this month.

Coffee Break, 7 x 10", watercolour, May 2010
Private Collection


  1. I live on Vancouver Island and also paint so waving hello across the miles.

    I really like your work.

  2. Ruth, Hello to you on Vancouver Island. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I visited your blog and think that your tree peony and heron pictures are beautiful!