September 14, 2010

Guess Who?


I was once described as a child of Sunbury Shores.  True enough, my family has been intimately involved with the Center since I was a wee one.  I took my first real class there as a young teenager but attended a preschool and a kindergarten there years before that. 

I have certainly benefitted from early exposure to all sorts of artistic pursuits, from the usual crayons and pencils familiar to most children to the less usual pottery, print making and weaving.  I am pleased to support this fundraiser to give other children similar experiences. 

And it looks to be a fun evening.  Click the link above for all the details, but here they are in brief.

Tickets $10
W. O'Neill Arena, St Andrews-by-the Sea
 Oct 2, 2010.
Be there to view the artwork around 5 pm or so. 
(Yes, the website says 7pm but I was told today that they want people there earlier)
Your $10 gets you in the door and a ticket in the draw.
If your ticket is drawn you get the opportunity to choose a painting which you may purchase for $90.

This brings me to


6 x 8" canvasses
creatively adorned by
This includes the like of Robert Bateman, Freeman Patterson and of course, me, too!

Here is the kicker:
The artwork is signed ON THE BACK!

You have to guess who painted what. 
You'd best hope that your knowledge of Canadian art is up to the task, because
you could end up with a $5000 painting and only have paid $100!

Good Luck!

Hope to see you there.  It should be an entertaining evening! 

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