September 9, 2010

Marine Commuter Traffic

Marine Commuter, 14 x 21", watercolour, September 2010
Available throught the Flight of Fancy
Bear River, NS

You can read about the sketch that led to this painting and the gentleman who inspired it in an earlier post on my blog, here.  Rowing in this fashion used to be a major means of getting around in the days before good roads and motor cars.  There are stories of men rowing across the Bay of Fundy (35 nautical miles!!) to see their sweethearts on the other side.  Now that is a sign of committment, if you ask me.  It took this fellow a while to row the 1 km from the wharf back to his boat, but it did not seem like it would have taken much longer than walking.  (Of course I was painting while he was rowing and my husband can tell you all about my perception of time while I am painting....) 

So when your look at this painting contemplate how you get around during your day.  When you are hopping in the car to drive somewhere really near by, stop and consider if you could actually walk that distance instead.  So often I find myself rushing to get places and hopping in and out of the car.  I do not leave myself the time to walk the short trip from the bank to the post office or from the store where I work to the place where my meeting is.  But I should.  It would be better for me and for the planet.  More restful, too.

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